Virtual learning lab title - Becoming an expert learner

8 Essential Lessons, Unit 5: Reading to Answer Questions


In this unit you will learn what research tells us about good readers.

These strategies involve:

  • Determining importance
  • Summarizing information
  • Drawing inferences
  • Generating questions
  • Monitoring comprehension

Although we will discuss each of these, in this unit we will focus primarily on generating questions that focus on key points in your reading. The purpose of studying from notes and reading material is to generate questions. Students who go over their textbook repeatedly often think they are studying effectively for exams. However, unless you are focused on answering questions you have generated simply rereading your textbook is not very helpful.

Unit Objectives

At the end of this unit, you should be able to:

  1. Use a question-generated strategy to improve reading comprehension.
  2. Apply the SQ3R method of note-taking.
  3. List 5 strategies to improve reading skills.
  4. Differentiate between higher and lower level questions.