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What's a Cynosure?

Cynosure is another name for the North Star. Ours is the terrestrial equivalent of that celestial body that has long served to provide a way of direction-finding to those who journey.

If your project journey could benefit from a guide, ours is a well-worn path from concept to creation. 

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Areas of Specialty

Cynosure New Media brings 20+ years of media-based instructional design, media production, video, and other rich media services.

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Orientation and

New Student Orientation

Likely our broadest scope of experience is in the design, development, and production of new student orientation programs for community colleges.

Consider that, where orientation is mandatory, it is the only time in a student's academic career that educators know that required on-boarding information was presented to the new student.

Like in real estate where the mantra is, "location, location, location," when building a successful new student orientation program the mantra is, "content, content, content."

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Video Production Services

Social Worker Training

Since 2012, Cynosure has been providing video production services supporting State of California social worker training requirements.

Video is a logical choice for this audience. No other training method is as effective where behavior modeling or procedural demonstration serves to benefit the instruction.

If produced properly, one video can have a very long shelf-life serving many content delivery methods: instructor-led, video-based, online, and others.

Glenner GRACE Model for Dementia Care
eLearning and Instructional Design

Online Dementia Care

Glenner "GRACE Model" for Dementia Care - combines instruction with behavior modeling video support training of dementia care providers.

Instructional design method employed in the development of all programs developed by Cynosure conforms to the ADDIE Model.

The ADDIE Model offers an industry standard ISD method that employs principles of continuous course feedback, review, and update to ensure the material is fresh, relevant, and continues to accomplish instructional objectives.


The eStudentSuccess website is a collection of FREE online tutorials designed to help students achieve their academic goals. Areas of focus include Learning Skill Development, Student Service Information/Overviews, Student Success, and more.

Campus' benefit as the site eliminates costly redundant investment by campus' to design and produce their own versions of these common topics. 

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